• Daniel Knorr
  • Nicole Fritz
  • Walther und Franz König


Daniel Knorr’s eclectic artistic oeuvre includes works of photography and sculptural installation as well as performances and participatory action art. The artist, who lives in Berlin and Hong Kong, developed his approach against the backdrop of interventionist context art in the 1990s. The monograph documents how Daniel Knorr uses his work series, which he himself describes as materialisations, to analyse societal and social issues as well as the art system itself.


Editing: Anne Pitz, Burke Barrett, Laura Preston
Translation: Burke Barrett, Robert Schlicht, Anne Pitz, Ling Gu
Design: huangyangdesign
Photographs: Bernd Borchardt, Trevor Good, Uwe Walter, Dieter Rehm, Sheung Chi Kwan, Rong Liang
Lithography and print: Artron Art (Group) Co., Ltd. (Printed in China)
Book Format: Hardcover, 23×29cm, 360 pages, 226 colour illustrations
Publishing Date: 15 December, 2020
Product Details: ISBN 978-3-96098-847-2 (English Version)


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