• Li BinyuanBLOCKING


(暂定)Mangrove Gallery is proud to collaborate with Li Pengyuan for his first solo exhibition in 2021 and presents the eponymous catalogue “Blocked” for this exhibition. It presents the artist’s latest works, as well as a selection of retrospectives of his work from 2012 to the present. The book opens with a foreword written by Li Jia, the curator of the exhibition, which, together with the images of the artist’s works, explains the creative experience and stories behind Li’s works through a narrative tone. At the same time, the book is interspersed with images from the exhibition and the artist’s own narrative at the end of the book. The rich graphic material provides readers with a multi-line view of the artist’s creation over the years.


Author : Li Jia
Translators : Stephen Nashef, Xiaoman Gu
Proofreading : Xiaoman Gu
Photographer : Mao Yanjun
Designer : huangyangdesign
Printed by Artron
Image courtesy of Li Binyuan and MANGROVEGALLERY
Thanks to 打边炉ARTDBL

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