• Li BinyuanBLOCKING


MANGROVEGALLERY is honoured to collaborate with Li Bingyuan for the first time in a solo exhibition in 2021, accompanied by the launch of a monograph titled “Blocking” bearing the same name. This publication showcases the artist’s latest works as well as a curated retrospective of select pieces from 2012 to the present. The foreword of the book is penned by Li Jia, the curator of this exhibition, who, with a narrative tone, elucidates the creative journey and stories behind Li Bingyuan’s works, alongside images of his art. The book also intersperses images from the exhibition venue and includes a spoken account by the artist himself at the end. This rich compilation of visual and textual materials offers readers a multifaceted perspective, facilitating an understanding of the artist’s creative evolution over the years.


Author : Li Jia
Translators : Stephen Nashef, Xiaoman Gu
Proofreading : Xiaoman Gu
Photographer : Mao Yanjun
Designer : huangyangdesign
Printed by Artron
Image courtesy of Li Binyuan and MANGROVEGALLERY
Thanks to 打边炉ARTDBL


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