Yu Hang


Yu Hang (b. 1987, Jilin, China) used to study in Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, now resides and works in Shanghai. His painting ultimately gravitates towards sensibility. This is because painting still offers a sensual state, not providing a concept or interpretation. One cannot feel a painting through reading text; it must be experienced firsthand. Yu Hang’s paintings are a testament to the emotional intensity of this visual experience.

Solo Exhibitions (selection)


Rouge Nihility, BLANK GALLERY, Shanghai, China


Dionysus, AXIS,Chengdu,China


Hakuna Matata,Gene Gallery,Shanghai,China


The Sun is the Golden testicle under my Legs, Martin Goya Business, Hangzhou, China



Tree of Fire, MANGROVEGALLERY, Shenzhen, China


Long Pai Shen Ma, Gene Gallery, Shanghai, China
Floating Across the Shallow Clouds: About the Seven States of Painting, JinChen YFM Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
Primeval Fairy Tale, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China
ROMANTIC STREET DANCE, Gene Gallery, Shanghai, China


Uitra Community, Tank Shanghai, Shanghai, China
The Timing of Drifters, martin goya.pig / 宅HOME Theatre, Hangzhou, China
Aliens Landing Here,Space Station,Beijing,China
Exercise Book, Anna is Stuck at Your Place, Enjoy·Art museum, Beijing, China


PINK PUNK PARK, Gene Gallery, Shanghai, China
NEW ERA FEST: Forward Emergency Support Team, Shanghai, China
Weeds node: RPAG World since The Geng Zi Year, The Fart, Hangzhou, China


Running into a poem, RongYi art museum, Shanghai, China
Incandescence, Big Space × Chino Gallery, Shanghai, China
Blast Blue, Half Image, Shanghai, China
Unfinished Cyber, Martin Goya Business / Xiangshan Art Commune, Shanghai, China
The Greasy Spoon, , Martin Goya Business / Ota Fine Arts, Shanghai, China

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