• Jiang ZhiBetween Landscapes
  • Curator:Fiona He
  • 2021.11.27-2022.1.8


MANGROVEGALLERY is honoured to present Jiang Zhi’s solo exhibition Between Landscapes, a continuation of the artist’s 2014 painting series The world is yours, as well as ours, which brings together the artist’s various creative methods in a seemingly landscape manner, modifying established habits of creation and viewing.

The title of this exhibition is taken from the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi’s poem Passing by Master Hongju’s Temple on an Autumn Day, I Bid Farewell and he Return to Jiangling: “If I can detach myself from my desires, then the earth will be empty, and all the sceneries will enter the emptiness”. In the Song Dynasty, Su Shi also wrote: “this pavilion is the only place where nothing is left, where one can sit and watch all the scenes of the sky”. How can the same concept be placed in art creation, and in what way can an artist enter this state? Jiang Zhi explores this with new creations.

This series of works includes photography, ink and wash, printmaking, digitalisation and other media that Jiang Zhi has been using in his art practice for many years, and the composite media creation method responds to the “art in the post-medium condition” proposed by Rosalind E. Krauss, i.e. modernist art creation no longer pursues the purity of form or medium, but rather the generation of a kind of “automatism”. Based on this, Jiang Zhi’s work does not seek a certain form or style of novelty, he does not avoid the image perception and retinal experience that people already have in the era of the explosion of image information, but rather follows the trend and further develops the dimensions of perception through “landscape painting”, which is a mother theme of painting that is not unfamiliar to either the East or the West.



Fiona He

Independent curator, art writer and senior art translator. With a degree in art history from McGill University, she has worked as a researcher for the Asia Art Archive in mainland China and as an editor for ARTFORUM Chinese website. Her recent research and writings have been primarily concerned with the making and viewing of art in the age of media change. She is a long-time contributor to many national and international art publications, including ARTFORUM, Art-Ba-Ba, Flash Art, LEAP, Art Review Asia, Yishu, etc. In March 2021, she curated the group exhibition House of Perception at Antenna Space in Shanghai.

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