• Li Shurui,
    Yang Guangnan,
    Zhang Xuerui
    A Descent into the Maelstrom
  • Curator:Fiona He
  • 2022.11.5-12.17


MANGROVEGALLERY is pleased to present the group exhibition “A Descent into Maelstrom,” curated by independent curator Fiona He, inviting three outstanding Chinese female artists – Li Shurui, Yang Guangnan, and Zhang Xuerui – to present their latest creations. The exhibition will be on view from November 5 to December 17, 2022.

The exhibition draws inspiration from the 19th-century American poet, novelist, and literary critic, Edgar Allan Poe’s short story A Descent into the Maelstrom. The story recounts a sailor’s unfortunate experience in the famous Maelstrom on a fishing trip and frighteningly escapes from death. The exhibition adopts literary devices such as flashbacks and multiple perspectives used in the short story to expand on these three artists’ practices revolving around their in-depth analysis and translation of nature, the urban environment, and the quotidian from their respective perspectives at particular moments.

Zhang Xuerui’s abstract paintings show the artist’s heightened sensitivity to color – a close integration with her perceptual system. At the same time, the “light spots” on her canvas break the inertia of people’s viewing and allow for a conscious “escape.” Yang Guangnan’s spatial interventions in the gallery are not only extensions of her sculptural training but also adopt a lighthearted yet unique style and approach to convey her personal and daily experience in urban space through mosaic, folding, accumulation, and collage. Li Shurui’s painting practice focuses on the two indispensable elements of painting – light and color – to discover the desires and spirituality of individuals in the current environment while relating her works to the collective consciousness in a broader sense.

Literature creates an extreme situation that requires imagination. A maelstrom carries the protagonist to the abyss, while the human instinct and courage to survive to allow him to escape and survive the impossible. Artistic practices are not smooth sailings; in complex situations and thorny paths, artists look for their breakthrough before external force majeure and dissonant environment. This exhibition intends to present their perception when they “descent into maelstrom” through their works of art.



Fiona He

独立策展人,艺术写作者,资深艺术类翻译。毕业于麦吉尔大学美术史专业,她曾担任亚洲艺术文献库中国大陆研究员和ARTFORUM中文网编辑。她近期的研究和写作方向关注媒介更替时代下的艺术创作与观看。她长期诸多国内和国际知名艺术刊物供稿,其中包括ARTFORUM, Art-Ba-Ba, Flash Art, 艺术界, Art Review Asia, Yishu,等。2021年3月,她在上海天线空间策划了群展《众妙之家》。

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