• Purple Fuzz

Purple fuzz means a softer, lighter shade of purple. It divests itself of the majesty of purple, and moves on into the unpretentious land of the shadows. The land of the shadows may be nothingness, but it carries unlimited potential; it is where everything is created. In arts, a lighter shade of purple is often associated with fantasies and dreams. Its ambiguity and uncertainty provide cover for the “incongruity” in this exhibition featuring two artists, Lin Ke and Zhou Yilun, which is to say that Purple Fuzz may not be showing us their most representative works.

Lin Ke, a new media artist, takes up oil painting for the first time during the residency in Nantou Old Town this year. His art is more about natural and spontaneous expressions, about unscripted extemporaneous reactions, about elusive and subtle messages, depicting the beauty of disorder when the dream clashes with the reality. The oil paintings he has created as he steps out of the boundary of new media art plunge the people and the memories from Nantou into the dancing emotions under his painting brush. Similarly, under the nebulous atmosphere of light purple, Zhou Yilun showcases his furniture designs that are unorthodox, unpolished, put together at a whim, and full of feral power. These pieces of sculptural furniture build a nonconformist bridge between the serious and the absurd. In the collision of the audacious colours and the rough materials, a part of the practical purpose and the class distinctions they symbolize are nullified. Imaginations release its tension through different combinations of ordinary industrial waste materials that are readily available, creating artworks that dwell in the undefined space between handicrafts and mass produced objects.

The exhibition will be on view from 22nd of December 2023 to 27th of January.