• Lin Ke: Beyond Photoshop

Artist: Lin Ke

Duration: 23rd April – 30th June, 2022

Opening: 23rd April, 2022

Address: No.110, Stage 2, South Square, One Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


MANGROVEGALLERY is delighted to announce a solo exhibition of Lin Ke, Beyond Photoshop. The concept of the exhibition began with a folder in Lin’s computer called Framed by Photoshop, in which the artist stores digital renders of his watercolor paintings with photoshop mounts and frames, created during the preparation stage of exhibitions. Lin calls them “visualized results.” This exhibition presents a series of such visualized results of his recent watercolor portraits with photoshop mounts and frames, showing them in a three dimensional space using the layer concept of the software.

Graduated from the Department of New Media Art at China Academy of Art, Lin heavily utilizes computers in his artistic practice. His extensive experience with all types of softwares, combined with his brand of thinking, leads to a personal “algorithm” that belongs specifically to Lin. Equipped with this algorithm, his works blend reality with imagination, and give out a cool sense of humor peculiar to the digital world, thereby inducing the pleasure of parody for viewers. Lin is adept at digitally replicating, restructuring, and reproducing with Photoshop various daily experiences and paradigms. When raw information is entered into Lin’s elaborate and labyrinthine algorithm, even though its integrity is compromised, it gains poetic beauty as a result.