• Enzo Cucchi: CASTAGNA

Artists: Enzo Cucchi

Duration: 18th March – 30th June, 2023

Address: No.110, Stage 2, South Square, One Shenzhen Bay, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


MANGROVEGALLERY is honored to present a solo exhibition of Enzo Cucchi, Castagna. This is the Italian artist’s first solo exhibition in China, following the two-artist exhibition Enzo Cucchi & Liang Quan in 2020. The exhibition will present the artist’s latest body of whimsical paintings and will be on view from March 18 – June 30, 2023.

Castagna in Italian means chestnut. Chestnuts are covered in a shell with lots of fine spikes, and their flowers give off fetid odors, but the fruits are delicious. Enzo calls it a miracle — just like his works, natural, but preternatural at the same time. He works like a nomad. A painter, and a daydreaming maniac. Chestnuts, which gives the exhibition its title, along with roosters, skeletons, Mother of God, birds, houses, cypresses, all spring up spontaneously from his mind, and make repeated appearances in Enzo’s paintings, put together in surreal combinations. The message is direct and poignant, filled with poetic tension. This would not be, had it not been for the traditions of his hometown Marche, for the influence that nature, religion, poetry, and art have made on Enzo’s subconsciousness. The paintings on exhibition this time again use multiple media, like he always does. They use those artistic media to their best advantage, while freeing the image from the restrictions of the two-dimensional canvas. Enzo transforms things in themselves through a complex process, and recreates them, mixed with snippets of real life experiences. This is his way of expression, bold and powerful. The expressiveness without, combined with the emotions and mysticism within, give the paintings unlimited number of interpretations. The open-ended visual expressions transcend language, and touch off new ideas in their interactions with the audience.