Museum Exhibition

Enzo Cucchi: The Poet and the Magician at MAXXI

May 18th, 2023

红树林画廊代理艺术家恩佐·库奇(Enzo Cucchi)个人展览《Il poeta e il mago》(The Poet and the Magician)于2023年5月16日在意大利罗马MAXXI二十一世纪艺术博物馆正式开幕。展览呈现了恩佐·库奇逾两百件作品,在非线性的叙述方式下,一条不可分割而又充满惊喜的路径被勾勒出来,艺术家的创造力与想象力被赋予永恒的动能。

展览由Luigia Lonardelli和Bartolomeo Pietromarchi策划,展期将持续至2023年9月24日。



Enzo Cucchi is one of the most prolific and innovative artists on the contemporary scene, a free thinker and countercurrent. His research is rooted in the written word and flourishes in a multitude of different signs, symbols and expressive languages. Like an alchemist, he bewitches and moulds matter; like a storyteller, he evokes stories, myths and places far away in time.

The more than two hundred works in the exhibition mark out an itinerary that is indivisible and full of surprises, a story told in scattered pages that refuses any chronological linearity and returns creativity in perpetual movement. Scattered everywhere, like traces in the gallery, monumental works, drawings, small bronzes, ceramics, graphics and artist’s books continually intercept the visitor’s gaze.


­ 展览现场 

恩佐·库奇「The Poet and the Magician」展览现场,2023年,
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