• Daniel KnorrMaterialization
  • Curator:Li Zhenhua
  • 2021.12.18-2022.3.30
  • Pingshan Art Museum

The sum of all recognizable human behaviors, materials and non-materials might be the concept mentioned by Daniel in his narrative of materialization. It is not restricted to the conversion of thinking and concept by material but about accumulation which is both unstable and uncertain. He intentionally separates this form of art from sculptures, paintings or installations. Rather than defining his creations and works within Dadaism, conceptual art, art of intertextuality or relational aesthetics, he thinks more about constantly-changing forms in integrated temporal clues and issues in super-fast society, as well as potential consequences of openness.

Powder created in 1994 implies characteristics of relational aesthetics. Performing elements are involved such as exhibits (cocaine) confiscated by the police station and policemen on duty; patterns in powder, primitive impulses and protection with bullet-proof glass; real scene and secondary media coverage. His habits are similar to streaming media today as their focuses and works are constantly adapting and transforming themselves. With spectators and researchers feeling perplexed like engulfed by heavy fog, it is hard to have a focus when carriers of the work keep changing themselves.



Li Zhenhua

Born in Beijing in 1975, Li Zhenhua now works in Zurich and Berlin.

Active in the field of contemporary art since 1996, his practices mainly include curation, art creation and project management. Currently Working as the curator of Film at Art Basel Hong Kong (since 2014), Mr. Li is also the nominator of Sommerakademie Paul Klee Program and the Prix Pictet in Switzerland. He was a member of the international advisory board for the exhibition “Digital Revolution” at the Barbican Centre in the UK in 2014 and for SymbioticA in Australia in 2015.

Besides, he also served as a consultant for Hong Kong Ticketflap in 2015. Li Zhenhua has presided over the compilation of the artist’s personal publications, including Yan Lei: What I Like to Do, Feng Mengbo: Journey to the West, Hu Jieming: A Hundred Years in One Minute and Yang Fudong: Dawn Mist, Separation Faith. His art reviews were published in his own book Text.

He’s won multiple awards including Curator of the Year (2015) from Art Power 100, Curator of the Year(2015) by TANC Asia Prize, as well as the Innovation Prize for Contemporary in the 3rd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art (2015) in Russia.

Mr. Li also served as the chief judge in many art events in and abroad, including: International Filmfestival ContraVision (2010), Contemporary Chinese Art Award (2012) (*now known as Sigg Award of M+ Museum), Fantoche International Animation Film Festival in Swiss(2012), and Blue Prize of Hyundai Motor (2018), etc.

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